Vanos Insulations Ltd. is pleased to announce that Matt Vanos and Ron Kustermans are now certified Insulation Energy Appraisers.

As Insulation Energy Appraisers, they are qualified to use complex software to evaluate the thermal performance of insulated and/or uninsulated piping, ducting and equipment. Among other information that is important for facility managers, the software can calculate heat loss (efficiency %), and greenhouse gas emission levels.

By using this software, Matt and Ron can calculate exactly how much energy and dollars can be saved through an insulation upgrade. The potential savings can be very significant. As well, they can demonstrate the potential greenhouse gas reductions that are possible with an insulation upgrade.

For more information about getting an Insulation Energy Appraisal done, please call or email.

Matt Vanos – 519-476-0065 or Email: mattv@vanosinsulations.com

Ron Kustermans – 519-200-4394 or Email: ronk@vanosinsulations.com

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